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Industrial and commercial photography

What is the first thing that catches your eyes in an advertisement? Usually eyes don’t go after words; photos are the first thing that draw attention.

Commercial and Industrial photography is one of the most interesting branches of photography which tries to show goods and services clearly. It can be said that Industrial and Commercial photography is a media which is a combination of knowledge of graphic and art of photography. The media tries to present company’s products, producing process, and equipment in a way to encourage and convince consumers to choose theirs over their competitors’.

Industrial photographers in their photos should just focus on the features of goods or industrial places, and they should tries to show the real condition and structure of products in order to represent their priority over similar ones. Industrial photography tries to communicate, and its main focus is on industries.

On the other hand, the purpose of commercial photography is to encourage customers to purchase special goods; photographers are allowed to exaggerate a little bit and they can put their own ideas to make the situation different than what it really is.

The main usage of this branch of photography is in designing catalogues and brochure, and also in online sale.

After working with different companies and gathering knowledge and experiences, now we can claim that we are able to create unique photos in different fields such as: restaurants and foods photography, architecture and interior design photography, chandelier photography, clothes photography, hotels photography, furniture photography, jewelry photography, factories and production lines photography, and 360 degree photography.

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Images are always the simplest and the most attractive way of communicate.

I'm Majid KavianMehr a member of commercial and Industrial photographers association of Iran. I started my activity as a graphic designer in 2006, but after a while I found my real interest in photography and started to study and work in this field. I started my career as an Industrial and Commercial photographer in 2010. After years of experiences and working with well-known brands and companies, and also preparing professional equipment and facilities, our team is ready to satisfy our dear costumers with great photos of their products and services. We are trying to achieve new aspect of photography because without it digital cameras are better photographers than us!

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